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Thanksgiving Turkey (Pumpkin) bread

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Thanksgiving Turkey (Pumpkin) bread

For thanksgiving I again made my pumpkin bread (recipe), and this time I made one jack-o-lantern, like last time, and one bread shaped like a turkey.

Thanksgiving turkey breadThanksgiving turkey bread

The picture was taken the day after the bake (Wed bake) and due to some bubble under the crust, it wrinkled a little). Still, this worked out well I think, both shape and flavor. There is nothing left at least!


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Very creative AND artistic. I love it!


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Dolf, when I saw the heading I knew we were in for a treat. You are hilarious as well as an awesome baker. How did you ever get the dough to behave so perfectly?

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The dough was my "standard" pumpkin bread dough, which I've published on this site. It is dough with approximately 45% hydration, which gives a consistent, relatively small crumb all around, but because it is fairly stiff, you can shape it and it will not sag during proofing, provided you got full gluten development.


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What a fun thing to do.  I bet your family got a kick out of this.

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How cool is that!  Awesome, LOL.  I am also a cake decorator and have seen many cakes made to look like a roast turkey, but never bread. : )

Amy in Alaska

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That's fantastic! I thought I was doing well with an epi. Now I have something to aim for next year!

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Epicurious picked up on my turkey bread and produced an editor's blog entry also featuring some attention for TFL.


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to be on Epicurious and a very nice recommendation of The Fresh Loaf, which is so well deserved!

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I love your creation. Thanks for sharing!