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Manual Dough Divider

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Manual Dough Divider

I have an old Duchess Dough Divider which got damaged. The dividing knives are damaged beyond repair. I would like to know whether the inner & outer knives, are the same size ?

Thanks for your help.

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Chef Sonny

The outer and inner blades are not the same. The inner blades are part of a circular "cage arrangement", The center of the cage consists of four blades arranged in a cross ( + ) pattern. The two blades that are orientated going from front of machine to back of machine, each have a threaded slot cut into them. Two screws go into them and holds the cage to the upper plate. The other center blades are a tight press fit, and held in place by the two circular blades. The whole arrangement is aligned by grooves machined into the upper plate. The outer blades have a notch that locks into the center cage and further secures it to the upper plate. Each outer blade is secured to the plate with a screw.

Additionally, the outer and inner feet (actually called plugs) which press the dough are not the same. The inner plugs are marked with a symbol that looks like a lattice pie, and are stamped B-10 (outer plugs are B-8).

Disassembling the inner blade cage is very tricky to re-assemble. If you disassemble anything, mark the parts with masking tape, take notes, and pictures. Unfortunately blades are no longer available.

Good luck.