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Oven door breaks in middle of my bake

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Oven door breaks in middle of my bake

But I salvaged my loaves. 

Durum flour 60%, AP 15%, Golden Buffalo 25%. AP was the levain overnight.  Only other addition was salt and a tad of honey.

Made in loaf pans for a change of pace.  Glad I did that b/c of the oven disaster 20 minutes into the bake.  Top got a little dark b/c I had to leave them in the oven w the door open at high temp.  Taste is great. Fresh and toasted both.




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What happened with the door? Why did it break?

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in great shape.  The heating coil was unreliable, had to use an oven thermometer all the time and in general it was on it's last legs.  Some internal hinge broke and it was impossible to shut the door.  But the bread is okay.  I need a new oven tho

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Lechem (not verified)

The oven broke but the bread made it!

I like a nice dark crumb. Nice bake and hope you get a new oven soon Hester. 

- Abe

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At the 15 minute mark I took out the lava rocks and heard some metal sound.... After that the oven wouldn't close.  So I left the oven at 240 C and just waited it out.  Glad to be back here.  Nicer than the political blogs... lol.

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I'm glad your loaf survived the door mishap :)

Hope get a new oven soon so you can get back to baking.