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Cheese Bread

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Cheese Bread

I made a No Knead Cheese Bread last night. It came out fantastic!  I added about two cups of finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese to the dough right before the second two hour rise.

 Also this time I did a few things different compared to my first No Knead Bread.

1. For the second rise I put the dough on lightly floured PARCHMENT PAPER instead of a tea towel. This made it much easier to put into the dutch oven.

2. I used a considerably smaller dutch oven. Instead of the large 5 quart dutch oven I used in the past I made this bread in a 3 quart dutch oven which gave me a better rise.

3. I put a "seal" of aluminum foil on top of the dutch oven after the dough was put inside and then put the lid on top of the aluminum foil giving the dutch oven a tighter fitting seal.

This is only the second loaf of bread I have ever made. I'm very impressed and pleased how this cheese bread turned out and so far this is my best effort yet!!!


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Looks delicious!  I tried making a no knead bread after seeing your first loaf.  Having arthritis, I was so pleased that I could let mother nature take care of the rising.  It came out great!  I think I will have to try this.