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Convection Oven query

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Convection Oven query

Almost all the recipes I read online and see in youtube, most ask to use Oven but I have a LG Convention oven and the manual says to bake cake/bread in Convention mode. Any expert out here can guide me if the end result will be quite different in both cases?

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In should be similar.  In the US,  convection oven or convection setting means there is a heating element, usually in the back of the oven, and a fan runs continuously circulating the warm air.  For a US oven, when you don't use the convection setting, heat comes from a bake element either at the bottom of the oven chamber, or under the floor, and there is no fan running, so in theory, the temperature is not as uniform throughout the oven chamber than with a convection oven. Also, the fan will speed up the cooking time by 15% to 20%.   The main difference is that for most bread, we want to keep the crust from drying out very early in the process ,  which is why we add steam, or bake in a Dutch Oven with the lid on for part of the bake.  Once the crust is set, having the air move is fine.   So if you want an artisan loaf, convection will be fine, but cover the loaf for the first part  ( 25% to 50% ) of the baking cycle.  If you don't have a dutch oven, but have a pizza stone or steel, bake on the stone, but put an aluminum pan or other cover over the loaf to help keep it moist as it starts baking.