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Kitchen Aid Attachment Question

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Kitchen Aid Attachment Question

Has anyone ever used the Kitchen-aid attachment for grinding grain?  I am thinking about getting one if they work well.  I would like any feedback or opinions.

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staff of life

Although I don't have one myself, I think RLB critiques it in the Bread Bible.


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I do have this grain mill and it works fine.  I first put my grain in on the control setting that is 4 slots from the fine setting.  Then I put the grain through again on  the fine setting.  It takes two times.  I have the 6 qt. model.  So, I can put 5 cups through and then put them through again.  It then is too hot and I have to wait about  1 hour if I want to do anymore grain.  This mill has alot to offer in the grain settings.  And you don't have to worry if there is a stone in your grain, it won't hurt the mill, which is nice, because I read the micro type of mills can get ruined from a stone.  I really like my Kitchen Aid and want to get more of the attachements.  The mill also, is so much more affordable than most other mills on the market. 

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I purchased my KA grain mill in the mid '80s and have used it regularly.

I discussed my experience with it in depth on this thread on milling grain - scroll down to get to the discussion on the KA mill