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Sourdough with increased something or other

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Sourdough with increased something or other

Hi Everyone, I had a pretty active leaven going so I thought I would make up a batch of "mixed flour" sourdough bread. Here's what I used:

Organic All Purpose White Flour- 800 grams

Organic Whole Grain Rye Flour- 150 grams

"No-Name" Whole Wheat Flour- 150 grams

70% Hydration whole wheat levain build- 300grams

Malted Barley Flour- 15 grams

Sea Salt- 25 grams

Water- 980 grams

Total Batch Weight: 2420 grams

I mixed the flours and water together until a rough mass was achieved. Left to go pick up my son from school and returned an hour later (forgot that I was "making bread") Added the leaven and salt and hand mixed until I got a smooth supple dough. Covered it up and left it for 2 hours with a fold after each hour.

I divided the dough into three 700 gram pieces and shaped into 2 batards and 1 boule (which I refrigerated for tomorrow). The remainder I added back to the pot. Let proof for 1 1/2 hours, slashed and baked at 500 F for 22 minutes with steam, lowered the oven temp to 400 and finished the bake for another 22 minutes. Here are some pics...Mixed Flour Levain 1Mixed Flour Levain

Mixed Flour Levain 2Mixed Flour Levain 2

Mixed Flour Levain 3Mixed Flour Levain 3Mixed Flour Levain 3

Hey Man, Why are my pics so small?