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first baguettes - au levain

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first baguettes - au levain

My first baguettes -- based on the Baguettes au Levain recipe in Dan Leader's Bread Alone.



and Baked:

(Can't seem to upload -- is there a filesize limit?)


The Julia Child video on shaping was enormously helpful.

Part 2 includes the shaping technique. 

- Richard

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I've been working off of those exact same videos, as well as using The Bread Baker's Apprentice and just baked three loaves this afternoon.  I did the full de-gas method, as suggested in the Julia Child video, and found the hole structure to be much more regular than I wanted.  Last attempt, I was careful to not de-gas, and I seemed to have better structure, but it was difficult to get the proper shapes to the loaves. (The taste is still outstanding, but I am working on the appearance and texture at this point.)  This is my second try in the last few days, and I may go mix up another pate fermentee before I call it a night to give it another shot, tomorrow.