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Caraway Seed

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Caraway Seed

I am trying Peter Reinhart's rye bread recipe.
What's a good substitute to caraway seed?

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the breadman

I think Fennel Seeds (Anise) are similar in quality, sorta intense and perfumey, to Carraway. This may sound kinda weird but I have used Cumin seeds. I liked the earthiness of that seeds with the Rye and I wasn't reminded of a Mexican restaurant at all.

Good Luck - take pics!! 

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Hi, Noy!

I agree with the breadman that fennel works very nicely in rye. One of my favorite breads was a rye/fig/fennel loaf that Beenjamming posted a while ago.

Anise may be a bit too like licorice, fair warning. It is used as a bread spice, but proceed with caution so it doesn't overwhelm.

Coriander is often used in breads as well as in combination with caraway, and should stand alone just fine.

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I too use fennel in one of the rye breads I make (molasses fennel raisin) and love it.

I see that the Cook's Thesaurus suggests substituting dill seed for caraway and that makes sense too. I would be more inclined to use dill than anise. Dill seeds are a little less licoricey than fennel seeds (and of course, a LOT less licoricey than anise).

But there really isn't a substitute for caraway that has that same wonderful earthy flavour. (I adore caraway rye bread)


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I use various combinations of:

  • caraway seed
  • celery seed
  • poppy seed
  • sesame seed
  • cumin seed (careful with this one!)
  • toasted sunflower seed

in my ryes. I have also seen anise mentioned in several recipes but haven't been over to Penzeys to get any yet.


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sp..any suggestion for subbing amounts of cumin for caraway? Equal or a bit less?

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To my taste buds dill seed is pretty close to carry-me-away seed

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Mini Oven

Caraway. No other flavor like it.

Nice picture.  Striped Bread!  Lots of crazy stripes.  :)

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Many thanks to all those who suggested on a suitable substitute to caraway seed. I tried cumin but used only half of what the recipe indicated. The bread turned out well. See attached link - It had a pleasant aroma, a good bite and mouthfeel. The loaf's gone! Noy