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New Bread Knife

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New Bread Knife

Recently received a new bread knife. It is the nicest bread knife we've ever had. It is long which allows it to cut through large loaves. It is sharp and cuts with surgical precision compared to our other two knives. It's now a real pleasure to cut bread! 

I bought it here:


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 I think I shall have to invest in one soon, I did have a super one well actually it was a bread saw. It was most likely over 100 years old and worked really, it had travelled to Canada with me, and was around when I was bomb out in London UK etc......

 Then the other day my husband tried using the tip to open a tin and snapped the blade in half......................I wasn't pleased... ;-(((( qahtan 


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I have two serrated knives for bread from chicago cutlery.


Suppose this goes in the "you know you're a baker" thread, but anybody else take your bread knives with you when you take bread to friends/family? I know it's crazy, but I hate trying to saw through a beautiful loaf with a dull, flimsy knife that just destroys it! :) I also take them camping, ha ha.

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 LOL ~ Glad to hear I`m not the only one the travels with a bread knife when visting .

 Bought a second one just for that purpose.


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The last time I took bread to a friend's and sliced it, I commented without thinking "Gee, your bread knife is even duller than mine."  Oops!  Anyway, if I ever do get a good bread knife, I'll relegate my not-so-great one to the traveling knife.  I did bring my own knives the time I took a turkey to be carved. I really hate working with dull knives.

As for my present bread knife?  It's just fine unless I have a tough crust. I keep thinking I need to get the crust right, not worry about the knife.

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I have a hole array of nice Wustof, and J. Henkels knives, but my best bread knife.....

An electric meat carving knife. (ha,ha)  You know the cheap ol' white carving knife that was popular back in the seventies for carving turkey at thanksgiving.  It has twin serrated blades that sends one in, while the other cuts outward.  It makes the easiest work of cutting up a crusty loaf of bread, or making a wonderfully clean smooth cut through a chewy bagel.  They are only like 12 dollars at walmart type stores.  They are simply effortless.  And they make the cleanest cuts.. If you got one laying around in your kitchen drawer, you should try it once..

Have a great day all..