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Cherie and I just returned home from our annual motorcycle trip.  This year we went to Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula and then down the east coast to Quincy Mass and then back home through Vermont.  I chose a route that would take us through Norwich VT and stayed there for a couple of days which gave us a chance to have breakfast at the King Arthur bakery/store twice.  If in the area we can recommend this as a worthwhile destination.



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Edo Bread

Nice "detour"  - well done.

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Nothing like a bike trip to clear the air and rejuvenate the mind and body.  I'm about this ..close to making my Valkyrie into a trike so I can get out on the road again and not worry about the bike falling over now that I am too old to be able to pick it up anymore:-) The trip sounds wonderful.

Happy baking 


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Truth Serum

Thanks for posting all those pictures! They make the best croissants!