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Levain Build. First Conscious Effort.

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Levain Build. First Conscious Effort.

Let's repeat the King Arthur Flour Classic Sourdough Bread and really nail that down before I try anything more complicated. The recipe makes two loaves but let's just make one over and over again with an eye towards practicing a baking schedule to fit everything easily into my day. My prediction is that the levain will rise 75% in three hours.

The two week old 100% starter is doubling reliably in about five hours but there isn't enough. I need 113g. I only have 100g on hand.

Yanking out 50g peak starter, I added 32g water, 32g flour. The flour in my starter is 100/25/10 KAFAP/WW/WG dark rye. My build uses the same flour mix.

It's 80°F at 7:00 p.m. in the kitchen.

The question in my mind is the ratio for the build. I want a fast doubling before bedtime so I can put the first batch of dough (got to find the name for that first dough dump) in the refrigerator and continue in the morning.



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Truth Serum

Has the warmer weather made any adjustments to your starters behavior?

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My bread baking is finally going well, thank you!

I'm well past worrying about my starter. I have a five week old No Muss No Fuss version and I keep a semi-liquid version that I bulk up with extra flour for long-term storage.

Last weekend, I baked 12 loaves of David's sourdough from San Francisco Baking Institute's Artisan II class. That helped me nail down my technique and taught me all about proofing times and all sorts of other things. This weekend, I'm going to try baking with honey. I'm very excited.

I see that you've been baking for a few years. Are you planning to bake special this weekend?



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double in 4 hours nit sweat!