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Thank you TFL

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Thank you TFL

Just a thanks to all the bakers sharing tips and experience and enjoyable writing. The world is a stressful beautiful horrifying magical place. When I need a break from the bad and some bread inspiration, this has been my digital refuge for a couple of years it seems like. Just visited another popular social site right before bed looking for something lighthearted, but people feel compelled to share the most horrible things there even though they are available on every news website. No such problem here, and TFL (thank the friggin lord). The worst you'll encounter here is a scorched loaf, a baked starter, an overproofed boule, etc, which I can handle without losing even more sleep.  My brain needs reads, and it's safe here for my fevered, sleep-deprived psyche. I'm so very thankful. I'm not an easily upset snowflake child, but my sympathy/empathy functions sometimes work overtime, particularly when children are involved now that I see the love and magic and fears of being a parent. My wife and I had a different sort of bun in the oven, and she joined us about a year ago just as I hit my sourdough stride. So I've only recently started to take pics of my breads again and participate on the forums. But I've been lurking, reading, and learning from all of you. I would put my thoughts in order and make my post a little shorter, but I think you will forgive me. You've all taught me to make delicious bread for my family, even on posts about baked things other than bread. TFL is something special. 


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Must have been tasty!

I completely agree with you, TFL is something special, not many people I know "get" what it is about bread that fascinates me, but its great to have so many like minded people here to share it with. 

Happy baking!

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I love baking, cooking, reading and writing; something not appreciated by many people here. TFL is really a special place where I can reveal and cultivate that side of myself because you are surrounded by people "of the same kind" who appreciate, guide, and help you become better at the craft. Thank God for TFL because it just fills me with happiness even in my "difficult" baking life

That's a great loaf you made. I'm looking forward to more of your bakes.

Enjoy and happy baking and reading!

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I add my thanks to the TFL community, and to you!

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Southbay: Congratulations on the baby and the bread.  I agree with your comments; TFL is so special.  I always talk to my husband about my "bread" friends. I have learned so much on this site over the years. I don't think there is anyplace better to learn about sourdough and troubleshoot issues.  There is great satisfaction in baking homemade bread for family and friends, no question about that.  I baked this loaf this morning and took the photo near the window with the morning light.  When traveling or just haven't got my starter ready, I hate buying bread from the store!  All the best to you and your family.  Phyllis

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Edo Bread

nice looking loaf there Phyllis

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Really appreciate it from a great baker like you.  Hope you and your family are well.  Best, Phyllis

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Edo Bread

Thanks so much for the kind words. All are happy and well here, hope the same for you.

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Lazy Loafer

Yes, a great bunch of folks, for sure. Not everyone understands why I take pictures of bread and wax all poetic about how it looks and smells, and how a good or bad batch can make or break my day! And so much useful advice and interesting discussion, as well as recipes of all kinds.

I hope you'll be able to post more photos and thoughts about your bread!

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This generous, knowledgeable, supportive, diverse community is now part of my everyday life and I wouldn't want to be without it.  I've found nowhere better to go to feed my bizarre passion for all things doughy.  And nowhere better to be expertly and patiently guided through the many variables and methodologies that impact the outcome of what, in theory, is just a simple blend of three materials. In a world becoming increasingly complex and polarised, TFL has created an innocent refuge, and thanks to its expert contributors, we in turn "share the love" in a web of treats for our family and friends which give pleasure, whilst probably confirming their view that we're ever so slightly (but nicely) bonkers!  

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A positive place, in a sometimes very negative world. Thanks for your comments, marybeth