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Problem with my Hobart A-200

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Problem with my Hobart A-200

Hi guys,

So I have a problem with my mixer. I bought a 60's Hobart A-200 and decided to completely restore it since it was rusty and the paint was chipping off everywhere. The grease in the gearbox had turned to the consistency of soup.

Anyway, I gave it a sweet paint job, and repacked the transmission with new grease. However, there is a problem. Sometimes the transmission will stall and freeze the motor if I shift into gears 2 or 3. It depends on how much I tighten the grease cap on top of the transmission cover.

I know what is causing the transmission to seize as well but I don't know how to fix it. The special washer on top of one of the reduction gears has teeth marks on it. These weren't here before. It seems like the bigger gear is meshing a little bit over the smaller gear with the cover off. I have watched the assembly video on YouTube many times and I am installing the washer in the correct place. I can't tell from the video if the way my gears are meshing is normal. They may move when the cover is tightened down.

I don't see how the big gear could go any lower because it is already meshing with the gear on the accessory shaft pretty closely. I've taken apart and reassembled this machine multiple times tapping with a mallet to make sure everything was seated all the way in.

The bearing on the transmission cover extends from the surface about 1/16" when the axle is completely tightened and I am not sure if this is normal or not. I can also see it wiggling every so slightly when the mixer is running and I think this is why when I tighten the cap it stops this wiggling and the machine seizes on gears 2 and 3.

Anybody have any experience with these mixers to know what might be the problem. If Anybody has an exploded diagram of an A-200 of this era that would also be very helpful. The newer ones are similar but definitely not the same.




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Did you ever manage to fix your problem?  If so, how.?

My reset button keeps going off after 3 minutes or so and the back of the mixer on top is really hot. I did replace the stator.  As this was suppose to fix it as per supplier???