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Comin' thro' the rye

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Edo Bread

Comin' thro' the rye

Found this pic I took a couple weeks ago to show the family, and thought someone here might appreciate it too. The rye is getting close, will not be long until this will be lots of tasty bread out of my oven,


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I know it will be labour intensive but I can't wait to see your rye flour and bread! Please post them, we'll wait for them.

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and forgot that the had to be threshed and winnowed to get the husks off.  Finally gave up and used most of it for beer where husks are no problem after grinding - made great beer!  Good luck!

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Edobread:  When you make the rye bread, tell us about the process from the very start, including the process of harvesting and preparing the rye. Wow!  Best,  Phyllis

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Edo Bread

I have been so busy I have not posted much lately. But, I will try and document the process and post some of the steps.  Thanks for the comments!