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Seed Crusted Country Hearth Loaf

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Crust Never Sleeps

Seed Crusted Country Hearth Loaf

*** I don't know why the photo is upside down.  I have tried this several times with several non upside down photos.  Generally speaking, I know how to use a computer.  I am posting this anyway because I am proud of these loaves.***

I just joined this forum, although I have been an avid amateur baker for about six years.  This is a country hearth loaf, but my first attempt at coating the top with many seeds: hemp, flax, chia, sunflower, poppy, sesame and caraway.  I used a simple mixture of egg white and a splash of water for adhesion - it seems that the seeds stuck on very nicely.  The dough was fermented overnight in the fridge.  One loaf proofed top side up on a peel, and the other proofed seam side up in a floured cloth in a bowl.  I did that because I wanted to see if there would be any difference in egg wash seed adhesion on the flour dusted loaf versus the one that proofed on the peel - it seems there wasn't much difference there.  I scored the loaves with an x-acto knife after the seeds went on top.  Baked with steam.  Brined turkey breast going on the smoker this afternoon.  Planning for sandwiches tomorrow!

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Lazy Loafer

I'm impressed that all those seeds stayed stuck on top, even with the loaves upside down! :)

What's in the dough?

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I'm sure they made tasty sandwiches :0


Well done and happy baking :)