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Recent sourdoughs!

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Recent sourdoughs!

As a student, baking has become a wonderful way to work and create in a different way as well as relieve stress! These past few months have been full of final papers and exams, but with some nice baking breaks. I thought I would post the photos from a few loaves lately!

Two of the sourdough miches I bake most often!

Almost forgot a crumb photo before I slathered it in cheese...

This loaf was made with leftover cooked pot barley, which added a wonderful flavour but a BIG crunch in the crust. 

I have also been inspired by TFL users like WoodenSpoon, adding wine-soaked fig and toasted walnuts to a bake. Thank you for your inspiration! 



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Some fine looking bread there Cristina. Being creative is a great way to offload the stress that can get to us. Perhaps I need to be more stressed so I can make bread as good as yours!


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Must've been tasty too :)

Happy baking!

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Did you bake these in a dorm or at your home? When I was a student too, I always find time to bake to relive my stress from the very little time I have exams, projects and not so cooperative people. :P It is so therapeutic!

Happy Baking!

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I did all of these at home in a dutch oven - I share a house with a few other students though. Lots of willing tasters for my baking experiments! 

Happy baking! 

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Well done and happy baking 

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Happy baking to you!