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wild fires

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wild fires

I hope nobody will mind if I send good wishes for safety to Susan and Susanfnp and any other members in S. California? Do hope you are all safe and want you to know you are in my thoughts, A.

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was thinking the same thing..hoping everyone and their loved ones are safe..

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So far we are fine, and fortunate compared with others. We'll see what tonight and tomorrow bring. We're ready to leave if it becomes necessary.

Susan from San Diego

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I too am hoping everone is able to stay safe. Annie, thank you for thinking of me; thankfully I am in northern CA and far away from the danger for now. For those closer to harm's way, please know that we are thinking of you.


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Another Southern Californian thanking you for all for thinking of us.  Having lived through the 1993 Laguna Beach fires, where we were evacuated for three days and returned home to find that the fire was within two blocks of our home, these wildfires cause some sincere anxiety in me.  I am fine so far, but my daughter and family in northern San Diego were evacuated today.  The air quality is dismal, the humidity is in single digits, air temperature at 6 pm was 87 degrees, and the winds are still raging.  Coupled with virtually no rain in a year, this is, indeed, frightening.    Thank you all for your concern and good thoughts.  Liz

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I neglected to mention in my previous post that I came home from work today to a very special phone message.  Someone I have dealt with at Heartland Mill who, knowing my location, called to see if I was safe.  Our bread baking community is a very special group of people.  Thank you all.

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From the other end of the country; we're thinking of you all, and hoping you're all well.

Be safe.


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I think we're all thinking about everyone out there right now.  Please stay safe.