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Firing up!

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Firing up!

Getting ready for pizza this evening, then 4 loaves of bread.  A beautiful day in Ohio for a change :)

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Really looks like it is a winner…. I notice some nice new lumber and roofing in the background… Is it the cover/roof for the oven?

Post photo's of your pizza and bread...

Enjoy & Kampai

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Yes, we built a nice 12x12 framed roof with metal roofing to protect the oven, since it's cob.  Room to work, bake out of the rain and store / season firewood.  It was the most costly piece of the entire project :)

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Managing temps in a WFO is most certainly an art - still working on the timing, but today worked out pretty well (doughs and results):

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"Managing temps in a WFO is most certainly an art"  Not the first time I've seen that.  Another real skill to acquire.

Beautiful bakes.  I'm pretty darn certain that my Condominium Association has rules against having COB ovens on our hi-rise terraces ;-) .

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The Bread Stone...

That looks absolutely delicious. Looks like you've got the hang of it :)

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Great job!  So jealous of your new oven :)

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Nice bake! So envious of your new oven.  You can bake any kind of bread that we can't make in a home oven....

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Mini Oven

Burn Baby, Burn!   and...

Bake Baby, Bake!     Lovely!

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That oven is putting out some fine baked goods.  With all that bread I'm guessing you hope you are selling some of it!  Should get top dollar and help pay for that expensive roof:-)

Happy baking 

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Thanks for all your kind comments.  The oven was a family project over the course of about 2 years.  There are definately pros and cons when using it over our kitchen oven.  One thing I've noticed is that the oven spring is incredible and I don't use steam, except for soaking the wooden door in water while firing the oven all day.  But, not having a viewing window and oven light cause me some stress when placing dough inside :)

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Mini Oven

invents good transparent oven bricks.  Would love to install some at the top of the oven to let in natural light.  (It's so dark in there!)  Not to mention being able to observe the oven spring and browning.   Any ideas?   Most of the time I see clip on lights directed from the outside...  

I bet NASA has a solution.  

What about reflected light?  Something shiny near the door?  Something that could lay near flat in the door opening while loading the oven?