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bread with Bob's One-to-One GF flour blend

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bread with Bob's One-to-One GF flour blend

I've just started to develop a bread machine recipe that uses this instead of a personally-blended flour mix. It helps that I now have a programmable machine.

Does anyone have a recipe that you're happy with?

What I've read is that this is a great mix for cakes and piecrusts.  I've made a good focaccia with it.

These are the ingredients.

sweet white rice flour, whole grain brown rice flour, potato starch, whole grain sweet white sorghum flour, tapioca flour, xanthum gum


I like this blend because I can get it locally, and wasn't too impressed with the others I've tried.



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I've tried dozens of claimed "One for One" GF flour mixes without any luck.  You can test any particular GF flour mix quickly and easily by making a "tester pancake" out of it using a traditional pancake recipe.  If it can't even make a pancake without large obvious defects, its not going to be good for anything else either.

This is different from using pre-packaged GF cookie, cake, pancake mixes etc. -- all of which seem to work pretty well for me.  Rather it is the various claimed "One for One" generic GF flour mixes that never work for me.  Either they have way too much gum in them, or they have too many bad off-flavors.

I have good luck with the Carol Fenster sorghum mix for most stuff.  I can make the rice based GF bread recipes if I use Authentic Foods extra finely ground rice mixes.  Other than Rice flours, I use the Bob's Red Mill GF pure flours (not the mixes) purchased in bulk 25 lb. bags, which cost me about $1 / lb at my local Restaurant Supply Store (Cash&Carry)