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Fabulous Five Points!

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Fabulous Five Points!

If you are ever in Pittsburgh, PA, run (don't walk or you will miss the croissants) to the Five Points Artisan Bakeshop. We were in Pittsburgh recently and had dinner at Legume, very nice, great food, and super bread. Probably the best bread I have ever had in a restaurant in the US. I asked the server where they got the bread and he said "Five Points". The next morning we went there on our way out of town. Got there too late for the croissants, but soon enough for their wonderful sourdough, ciabatta, and a few other goodies. 

The owner, Geof Comings, was really friendly and informative. He showed us his ovens, mixer, etc and talked bread for some time. He opened less than two years ago but is doing really well. Not surprising considering the quality of his breads. He said he spent a lot of time on this site before he decided to open Five Points.


Five Points Artisan Bakeshop | Family Owned and Operated Artisan Bakeshop in Pittsburgh, PA