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A few shots from a beginner

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A few shots from a beginner

Hi All

I have really gotten into baking in the last few months since my father gave me some of his starter. I have been playing around with different recipes and techniques for a bit. I'm not gong to lie, I've had a few disasters, mainly due to being overzealous and trying some high hydration recipes, without know what I was doing. I started back with a  50% loaf and worked back from that. 


So far I have experimented with light rye, dark rye and wholemeal mix.

Here are a few pictures.

60% hydration - 20% Wholemeal

70% hydration - 20% light rye, made with water with basil leaves in it (starter included). This was really tasty! 


70% hydration - 20% wholemeal with rye (not sure of the term) bits in it.


75% hydration - Rustic Dark Rye baguettes

All were made with a Hybrid 20% dark rye starter, except the basil, which was white with basil water.

I've just had a go at an 80% hydration recipe, and it's in the oven now.

I'm really getting into baking and people have started asking for loaves. I'm looking forward to exploring and experimenting more!

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I am thoroughly impressed with your breads! 

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Edo Bread

Looks like you are doing well - how did they taste?!

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Carrie Palmer

Very impressive for a beginner