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Raisin Yeast Water: Day 4 (3/18/16)

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Raisin Yeast Water: Day 4 (3/18/16)

Had some trouble with my camera so I couldn't access the pics til today. Sry :(

So here's what happened on Day 4:

All the raisins collected on the top. I'm starting to see signs of the raisins breaking down. Their edges are ragged and there's sediment collecting at the bottom of the jar.

After shaking, the raisins dispersed throughout the jar. It took over an hour for the to re-collect at the top.

The lid made a popping sound when I opened it and there were more bubbles floating on the water's surface.

It still smells like raisins. No smell of fermentation yet. 

 Note: Took a suggestion of a TFL member and added a tablespoon of sugar to the water. She said her recipe said to add sugar or honey on Day 3 to feed the yeast.

 When I opened the jar for it's daily aeration, I poured some of the water into a glass and added the sugar. I stirred until dissolved and poured it back into the jar. Afterwards, I shook it as usual.

See you on Day 5! :)



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