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Bread-making discussion on local community radio station

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Bread-making discussion on local community radio station

The DonnaLonna Kitchen Show on KHOI-FM, the community radio station here in Ames, Iowa, is a great, locally-produced show. That's with Donna Prizgintas (nationally, if not internationally-known chef and local foods advocate, who lives in Ames) and Lonna Nachtigal (local food grower who sells at the farmer's market on Main Street and the Farm to Folk CSA, local foods advocate, musician, and artist).

I was honored to be the guest on their show yesterday to talk about bread-making, especially from the perspective of valuing the work of bread author, Peter Reinhart.

Donna did talk first about attending a huge trade show for natural and organic foods in Anaheim, California, recently where she prepared a ton of food for a meal provided by one company (perhaps an organization and not a company). The rest of the show was pretty much about bread-making.

If you want to listen to the hour-long program, go to:

and click on the hyperlink for the "03/15/2016 Bread."

We covered a wide-range of perspectives and ideas, mostly about whole wheat bread referring to my 1986 version of The New Laurel's Kitchen cookbook and Peter Reinhart's books, beginning in about 2001. His book Whole Grain Breads perhaps my bread Bible. But I also have found his biographical material in Brother Juniper's Bread Book to be fascinating. We are not completely birds-of-a-feather, but we do share some characteristics, namely interests in spirituality, community, and bread-making.