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Happy birthday Floyd

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Happy birthday Floyd

Quick note to wish Floyd a very happy birthday! Many thanks for all you do for the Fresh Loafers, and may your bread always be perfection! A.

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Thank you much!

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I posted on the other thread but I think another birthday wish is in order. (hehe)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  May your day be filled with dough!  :o)  Thanks, too, Floyd.

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Happy birthday, dear Floyd!

Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. You are a great man, a fantastic baker and teacher, a friend. Thank you!


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Hope your birthday is the best ever, and I wish you many more happy bread years to come!

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Floyd, I know you well enough to know you will appreciate how far I had to go to find this for you. Haha, Have a good one.

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Happy birthday!

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Hope it's a great one!

Susan from San Diego

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Happy Birthday!! Did Dstroy make you a special theme cake?

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With two kids to pick up from schools and a contractor to work around, it wasn't happening this year. The store-bought cheesecake we had was quite good though. A very nice, mellow evening with the family.

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 Floyd -

 Another year has passed - hope it has made you richer in mind and spirit.

 You are a blessing .


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Like many others, I have my busy times, and have not had much chance lately to check out TFL.  But it would appear that Oct 16 is Floyd's birthday.  Via another thread I see that Oct 16 is World Bread Day.  What does it all mean?


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Mini Oven

It means his mother had the good sense to give birth to him on World Bread Day.  Happy Birthday Bread Boy!  And a hardy thanks to your Mom!

Mini O

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Wow....Mini Oven has a point.  The creation of TFL may have been fate or pre-destined to happen!


Slight tongue-in-cheek aside happy birthday Floyd!  Happy labor-day to your mother as well.



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Many happy returns of the day, Floyd! (and twice on Thursdays)

We are all so grateful for you and your site, many heartfelt thanks and good wishes!


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Happy birthday, Floyd.  Sorry the greeting's a day late, but coming from a family that often sent Christmas care packages in February, I'm glad it's just a day.  Hope the coming year brings health, happiness and outstanding oven spring.


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Cheesecake and family sounds like a great birthday.  I know how busy you are these days, so I hope you have many more such mellow times. Have a great year, Floyd!