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TFL Bread Day...

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TFL Bread Day...

I was wondering if anyone would like to have specific bread theme day every month. With the coming holidays we could have rolls, stollens, pannetones, savory, sweet, with herbs, with cheese, with fruit and nuts..whole wheat, sourdough ? Floyd could pick a date and theme, we would do the rest and just share..sound like fun? or dumb?

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We did that last year with a harvest season photo contest. It was fun, I thought.

There is also bread baking day, which moves from blog-to-blog each month. A fair number of folks here have participated in it. That sounds pretty similar to what you are suggesting.

That said, if folks here wanted to hold something similar here here I'd be happy to promote it on the front page and set up a special gallery for each theme. Personally, I think I enjoy it more when a thread goes on for a couple weeks than a single day since I usually only get to bake on the weekends (and not all weekends).

Anyway, just let me know what folks want to do.

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I like the idea of a theme per month as well, as opposed to a special day.  I think it would be easy enough to tie into the bread baking day - might even remind me to actually bake them in the appropriate month!

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sounds like a much better idea. I think it would be fun, hope some more people will be interested.

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That sounds like a good idea. It's a long enough time that I should be able to plan something new. Sign me up!