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Sourdough Experiments

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Sourdough Experiments

Hello! This is my first post on TFL, after a year of following along as I've begun bread baking. I'm looking forward to participating occasionally and enjoying this wonderful community! 

I started a liquid levain on January 1st, and named him Munchkin. He's contributed to a number of sourdough loaf experiments with darker flours. Both loafs pictured were from a "pain de campagne" recipe I adapted and had great flavour!  

I thought this time to try a lighter loaf, and tried dmsnyder's "San Joaquin Sourdough" formula. As a relative newbie to sourdough, I didn't think my first attempt would be so delicious. I was so impressed with the wonderful crumb, and though I wished for a nicer ear and shape, the crust blew me away as well!

I'm already so grateful for the wisdom on this site, and thanks to David for the recipe! 



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Nice looking loaves. Welcome.

Perhaps your experiments will lead you to try a firm sourdough starter at some point...

Enjoy this forum,


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I think I will definitely try a firm starter at some point. Not sure if I can commit to another pet just yet though!

Thank you for your comment, Michael! 

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Lazy Loafer

Welcome, and do continue to participate. The more the merrier!

That is indeed a nice chewy, glossy-looking crumb. Yum... :)

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of the many fine recipes you cn find here for a thousand and 1 or 10,000 and 1 different breads.  Yours look very nice indeed.

Happy baking 

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Thank you both!