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The Lee Household Flour Mill dropping today: Thank You FreshLoafers

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The Lee Household Flour Mill dropping today: Thank You FreshLoafers

Good Evening Freshloafers,

In the last year-plus I went from knowing absolutely nothing about Flour Milling to working with a team of copywriters, designers and web developers to build, introducing the re-designed Lee Household Flour Mill and grains to go with it.

A lot of research came from Got awesome insights into what bread enthusiasts care about.  Thanks Floyd for holding together such a great resource. Special thanks to Subfuscpersona, who's review and support of the legacy mill have turned a lot of people onto Lee. Subfusc had a few questions about the new mill we're going to put onto the FAQ.

While I couldn't be more biased, I’m very proud of the folks at Lee for beefing up the design/technology while retaining the formula that made the original so great: Stone Grinding + Made in the USA + Brush-out Cleaning (flour doesn't self-clean!).

It's a serious piece of engineering for people who want to mill seriously. It's the best product on the market. I would appreciate it so much if you checked out the website.

As a thanks to the forum: order today through tax day 2016 (April 15th) you get 50 bucks off when you use the promo code freshloaf .


NickF, Web Developer,

PS - Feedback on the website or content? Any questions I can get answered for you? Just PM me and I'll try my best.

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Can't find a PM link.

Well done on the work you've done. Just one small(?) remark regarding the website - the two videos played automatically make it very heavy, and they have been placed there in a way that makes them redownload every single time they play, so you get 10MB extra of transfer every 10-20s. When you load the page on mobile, the videos do not show, but still download in the background (over and over again).