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need help differentiating...

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need help differentiating...

Okay, so what happened was that my mom brought cockroach poison (white powder) for the devils which had entered in our absence.... The flour and the poison packs were put together by some idiot and I need some solution to know which is which... Please help thanks.

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Les Nightingill

you won't get much oven spring from the cockroach poison

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Is there an appreciable difference in odor for the flour or the poison?

If you mix samples of the white powders with water, does one behave like flour and one not?

If the poison is essentially a flour or starch mixture laced with insecticide, you would do best to dump everything that is questionable and start fresh.  Since you can't tell them apart right now, I'd probably dump the containers, too, rather than trusting that all traces of the insecticide were removed by washing.  You wouldn't want to contaminate fresh flour by putting it into a container that still has traces of the roach killer.


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I'd toss both out and start over.

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David Esq.

Google boric acid and flour. Assuming you are using boric acid, that is.  And mix the two to make your roach killer.

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David Esq.

Light a flame in a dark room and sprinkle boric acid on it.  It'll turn a blue flame (from sterno) green.

Dissolved in wood alcohol it will also burn green.