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Good Old SF Country Sourdough

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Good Old SF Country Sourdough

These days my bloggin' is even more sporadical than my bakin'.  I seem to bake once or so every month these days.  I've made no great breakthroughs.  It's still usually good bread, but not blogworthy.

I have been trying some things from the Della Fattoria book.  And I got one of those fancy proofing boxes for Hannukah, and have been using it.

But the best news is the old news...San Francisco Country Sourdough still makes me (and my number one bread fan) very happy.

Here's some crumb:

Hope y'all are well.




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to be most always!  Nothing like a fine proofing box to get you through bread baking in the winters.... even in CA.  Your bread looks great as always.  The bread baking force runs strong in your family!

Happy Baking Glenn

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It's a shame your number one is not a fan of rye bread. The proofing box especially shines when fermenting rye sour per Detmolder.