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bread with seaweed

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Truth Serum

bread with seaweed

This looks so interesting I am going to post it. You may get  a pesky pop up ad sorry about that!


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Borealis bread is the only commercial bread I buy now and then in the supermarket , because it has a decent taste.

I'm looking forward to their seaweed bread - the funny thing is, I just got dried dulse at the natural food store, and am going to try a new bread with it.

Happy Baking,


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I very much like to see people and especially people who make food for sale using local products, it helps the small producers stay in business. Just yesterday I found some maple syrup that was made just up the Mississippi River in Iowa and plan to bake with it. The baker is correct that at least this Iowan has not thought to include seaweed in bread, however since the idea has been planted maybe this summer I'll go harvest some river grass or moss and see how that works.