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Writing an article about craft bakeries in Puget Sound - need input!

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Writing an article about craft bakeries in Puget Sound - need input!


I'm looking for recommendations for the very best craft/artisan bakeries in Puget Sound.

I'm working on a series about artisan bakers for GoodFood World ( and could use some advice. I simply don't know all the good ones and I'm sure together we can create a great list.

Which ones are your favorites?

Thanks so much!


(The photo is bread I baked for Christmas 2014 and the holly came off a tree in our backyard.)

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I don't know Seattle proper but Bread Farm in Bow-Edison and Pane D'Amore on the Olympic Peninsula are both excellent. I think those areas still qualify as being in the Puget Sound region. :)

Good luck!

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Puget Sound includes everything that surrounds the sound - the Olympic Peninsula, Tacoma, Seattle, San Juan Islands, and north to the Canadian Border. That big green island in the upper left corner is Vancouver Island. So pretty much what you see below the border (yellow dotted line) is considered the Puget Sound area... Yes, Bread Farm and Pane D'Amore are there! Thanks!

Puget Sound

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the PNW is home to loads of fine craft bakers. One of the better known is Macrina Bakery, with its main store in Belltown.

Best of luck with your article. I'll be watching for it to be published.


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I have to say that Bread Farm is the standout for me.  Their approach to artisanal baking and their commitment to not only the craft, but to promoting sustainable best practices, local farmers, millers, producers, etc, makes them tops in my book.  Amazing bread and terrific people.  Best of luck on your article!

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Been there and, yes, they are amazing people. Definitely on the list!


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The Columbia City Bakery (in, you guessed it, Columbia City, just south of Seattle), is also pretty well known.  They've received some recognition for their baguettes (  What I'll never forget is their Danish, though.  Best Danish I've ever had.

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I agree! We're headed over there next week.

Thanks for the recommendation! I've been on the lookout for good baguettes - most are limp noodles...