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Profiles please.

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Jon OBrien

Profiles please.

I don't know whether it's because people are unaware that they have a site profile, don't see the point or can't be bothered to fill it out but most people have empty, or virtually empty, profiles.

If you didn't know you had a profile: From the Home page, go to My account, then click on Edit to get access to the four pages where you can enter profile information.

If you don't see the point: Sometimes it helps to know something about you when responding to a post. Probably the most useful piece of information you can give is your location: Home -> My account -> Edit -> More information. If you haven't done so already, please consider entering you country, at least, preferably your province/county/state/department/canton/... and ideally your city/town/village/... as well. Any other information you feel like adding to your profile helps everyone get to know each other.

If you can't be bothered: