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Kamut, wine soaked figs and toasted walnut levain

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Kamut, wine soaked figs and toasted walnut levain


  • 120g 100% hydration levain (11%flour and 11%water)
  • 171g fresh milled kamut (31%)
  • 284g bread flour (50%)
  • 45g ap flour (8%)
  • 160g wine soaked figs (20% fig 9%wine)
  • 112g wine (20%)
  • 298g warm water (58%)
  • 100g toasted walnuts 18%
  • 12g salt (2%)


  • 1 hr autolyse
  • mix in levain & salt
  • slap and fold @ 5 minutes
  • slap and fold @ 10 minutes
  • fold in figs and nuts @ 1/2 hr
  • fold @ 1 hr
  • fold @ 1 1/2 hr
  • fold @ 2 hr
  • fold @ 2 1/2 hr
  • preshape/rest/shape @ 5 1/2 hr
  • retard @ 8 hr
  • bake @ 21 hr

I baked this on my stone, covered by a large mixing bowl at 500F for 25 minutes then uncovered at 460 for 45 minutes.

Lately I have started to shy away from loaves with ingredients whose flavors will over power the taste of the grains and fermentation, but my house has been so cold lately that coaxing out those subtle flavors has been a bit of a up hill battle, so I gritted my teeth and made a flavored loaf and I'm glad I did.

 This loaf is so good that I'm going to make it again, and I usually don't make things twice in a row as I really only bake on my weekends and over the course of a week I'v got a hundred new ideas that I want to try. But this will be an exception, the flavor was good enough that I think its worth taking a crack at upping the whole grains to a percentage I'd be more proud of.

If any of you take a shot at making this keep in mind that my house is very brisk, >60f so take that into account and possibly adjust yer levain percentage or fermentation times accordingly.


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of  fancy do scoring to boot!  Very  well crafted and executed.  Talk about brisk.  It has been so cold here I have had tocover the saled garden every night for 5 days straight to keep it from freezing! El Nino at work for sure.  Have had the heating pad for a more than a month now to build levains and starters.

Figs, walnuts and wine.  You would have fit in well in ancient Rome!  

Happy Baking WS and Happy New Year too.  Hope it warms up soon......

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I think I would fit in pretty alright in ancient Rome as well. I'v been using the ole pad for levains as well.

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Beautiful.....just enough wine to add flavor but not too much to screw up the rise.  Sounds like you can use a proofing box to help you in the future.

I'm sure this one must have tasted amazing especially with some nice sharp cheese.


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a proofing box would be pretty posh! I'v got another one going now with 100% whole grains and less wine.

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I agree with Ian on the pairing with cheese, but that also looks like a bread that would be delicious by itself, or with just a little sweet butter, or .... with a glass of wine. 


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this one went too fast to break out the cheese. but wine and or cheap beer was certainly enjoyed with it,

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Wish I had some here. 


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Anne-Marie B


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That's one beautiful looking loaf.  I think I can almost taste it just from the photographs!

Could I ask whether these are dried figs, rather than fresh? (You may consider amending the original blog entry to clarify too).

Looks absolutely delicious, and will bookmark this for future reference.

Best wishes, Colin

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They where dried black mission figs. though I imagine using fresh would be nice, and ultimately very similar as the only difference between dried and fresh would probably be the amount of wine absorbed.... and also how much figs weighed out to 20%. I bet as long as yer soaking something in wine you will have a winner on yer hands.

Looking forward to seeing your take on it. 

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Many thanks, for clarifying.  I had assumed dried figs, because of their greater ability to absorb the wine.  I have never tried Kamut (and will have to work out where it can be sourced in the UK, so don't hold your breath for my take on your spectacular loaf… mind you, when I showed the photos to a friend last night, I got an immediate question about when am I going to make one!

Happy baking for 2016! Colin

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Love the crust colors and the figs and nuts nestled in the crumb.  Very nice loaf.

I learned about adding figs to breads via a blog entry by PiPs several years ago when he posted a loaf that included figs and anise.  They really add warmth to a dough and do wonderful things to the texture of any dough to which they are added.  I make sure I always have a bag of dried figs in my refrigerator now.

I will now have to add your formula to my 'to bake' list.

Take Care,


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and with anise, mmm. 

I cant wait to see yer version.

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This is beautiful!