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Using Domestic Yeast

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Using Domestic Yeast

While waiting for a new wild yeast starter to develop I tried a loaf using domestic yeast. This time I did a slightly modified version of Lahey’s procedure, added a few stretch and turns, with about 16 hours fermentation in the refrigerator. There was a surprising amount of oven-spring and good flavor. Once the wild yeast starter kicks in I’ll use that, but the ease of using domestic yeast is certainly appealing. No feeding schedules to contend with, and no timing to worry about.

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David Esq.

Commercial yeast has its advantages and disadvantages, as does using a sourdough.  And there are advantages to combining the two as well. 

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That is one good looking bread and picture too. I bet it tasted yummy too. Well done! 

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Sometimes they are too pretty to cut. But I trust you got over it.

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Thanks for the kind words. I was surprised at how much flavor there was in this loaf. The wild yeast starter is now going strong so I've been using that for the past few loaves. The flavor of these seem more complex than the loaf above. Perhaps sometime I'll bake both types and do a direct taste comparison.

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There's so much stigma with bakers yeast its amazing stuff and produces great loaves actually I think it takes a bit bit more skill to produce a good loaf bakers yeast particularly with regard to structure bit as seen here an amazing boule !