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Pizza Oven

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piano boy

Pizza Oven

I spent some time in Naples this summer and was completely spoiled. Starita was my personal fav but they were all amazing. Of course you come back and nothing tastes the same. I'd been getting pretty good at napoletana on the bbq but being in Canada the snow has set in. What was I to do? Well I went and bought a Wisco 560E which gets up to 675˚. Then I learned how to make fresh mozzarella but that's for a different website.

Anyway, here are the results. Oven spring was ridiculous. Airy and chewy crust. Nice char on the bottom. I'll be honest; it wasn't a 60 second pizza. Closer to 2 and half minutes. It's as close as I'm going to get to Naples for the time being.


394g Flour (just regular, going to pick up some 00 on the weekend)

6g Wheat Gluten

280g Water

6g Yeast

10g Salt

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

What's the topping?

Learning how to make your own fresh mozzarella would be just fine for this website. You can include that in your blog when you write up about pizza.

Bon Appetite.

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Please post!