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Saturday Morning Pain au Bacon!

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East Coast Crust

Saturday Morning Pain au Bacon!

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a loaf I was pretty happy with!

Pain au Bacon as per Ken Forkish's Flour Water Salt Yeast, except with some modifications (I used a higher percentage of rye flour than he calls for and I did the final rise overnight in the fridge instead of at room temp for 4 hours). Overall, I'm quite happy with the crumb structure, it could be a little more open but will make for nice toast :) The smell of this baking was DIVINE. It took a lot of self restraint to not just stick my head in the oven every few minutes to get a whiff haha. But gotta keep that oven temp up! Anyway, let me know what you think:





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with some breakfast sausage and eggs on it:-)  

Happy baking

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tom scott

having only been at this for about a year but I think that crumb looks mighty fine.  Is that a Lodge pan and do you have a domed lid for it?  Thanks

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And bacon?!!! You said you WERE happy with it. Around here, it wouldn't have lasted long, either! Thanks for sharing and for your family's sake, please make it again soon!


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Mini Oven

Lovely, just lovely!   Mmmm Bacon!

Good looking loaf and crumb, even crust colour all around, good shoulders on the slice.  Where's that smell button?  :)

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Bet the taste is as wonderful. Will have to try this.

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Looks perfect.  The only thing that would make this one better would be some cheese :)

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East Coast Crust

My housemates and I did some serious damage on it haha, it was great toasted in butter in a skillet and topped with a fried egg for breakfast.

And @tom scott, it is indeed a Lodge pan, 10 inch skillet. I don't have a lid for it, however I do have an identical Lodge pan which I flipped over and used as a cover on this bake! I was kinda experimenting as I don't have a dutch oven right now, but the two pans together made a pretty functional steaming environment for the bread.