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Best Baking Schools or Courses in Germany

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Best Baking Schools or Courses in Germany


I wish to learn baking in Germany...don't know where to start from.

Please share names of best German baking courses that are really worth it.

I'd highly appreciate the help. 


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Lutz Geissler of "Ploetzblog" ( offers a variety of classes. He might be one of the best teachers out there right now. His website offers countless recipes and he published several books. You will need to know German though.


Good luck,


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Germany has a established apprenticeship program for people who want to bake bread for a living. There are fewer courses for the home baker. So, it depends on what your goal is.

You might also try contacting Dr. Hollensteiner who writes at 

Most of his blog is in German, however earlier on he was writing in both English and German.

The San Francisco Baking Institute also now offers a week long course on German Breads if you happen to live nearby, or can afford the travel. I haven't taken it because of the cost, but the rest of their courses are highly respected. Instead, I am slowly working through the recipes from Lutz Geissler's Brot Back Buch Nr. 1.


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I am new in baking bread. 

Can someone guide me in overcoming a major issue I am facing. 

I bake family sized bread. When it comes out of the oven the sides cave in and do not allow the loaf stand properly. 

It appears to cave in from the sides leaving unattractive dents and a major groove.

There should be something I am not doing right.Can someone be of help here? 

Many thanks in anticipation of your contributions. 

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May I suggest asking in another section - general may be better. There is a lot more traffic there and a better chance for comment. More information would also be helpful ie the ingredients, amounts, methods - more info is better. Pics also help a lot. Enjoy!

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It sounds like your bread was overproofed, or the gluten was underdeveloped.