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Starter smells rotten

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Starter smells rotten

Arthur the whole wheat starter smells like rotting vegetables. I don't know if it's the flour, the container, or ... something else, but the bread seems to be doing OK. We'll see if it tastes funky.

Anyone else had their starter suddenly smell ... yucky?

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It's homesick, JMonkey...

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Mini Oven

like rotten pumpkins but it went away after a few feedings. Stay on top of it.

I wrote this before I remembered Arthur was not Origon Trail starter. Anyway the thought:

Sing him a trail song, that ought to lift his spirits!
Let's see....

As I was a walking one morning for pleasure, I spied a young breadpoke a strolling along.
His hat was throwed back and his spurs were a jangling, And while bread was a proofing he was singing this song...

Yipee tie yie yo, get along little doughy, it's your misfortune and part of my own. Yipee tie yie yo, get along little doughy, you'll be baked 'n d' oven as soon as you're grown.

Donut ja jist luv ma zion taffic a pro ch?

Mini O 

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Well, as far as I'm concerned, Arthur can smell as rotten as he likes. That was one big, pretty, great-tasting loaf of sandwich bread!

But I think the problem was a little something stuck way up inside the groove of the Tupperware lid. Our dishwasher's been on the fritz for a while. Another good washing of the container, and both Arthur and the bowl smell just dandy.

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Every now and then Sunnie takes on a strange but familiar odor, couldn't quite place it.  Then last summer, when i was out on 100 deg. days, it hit me.  It was a mild hint of BO, it doesn't happen often though.  Then returns to her indiscribable self.


Just thought this report somehow fit here.


i get sour fruit smell, alot.