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Wolf or Miele electric wall oven?

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Wolf or Miele electric wall oven?

I have a chance to purchase floor models of a Miele H4886BP or a Wolf SO30US at good prices. It's hard to find recent reviews that seem to fit, even in general terms, Miele or Wolf ovens.

I mostly bake cookies, but also cakes and brownies. In addition to the normal things a home baker looks for in an oven, I'd like one that doesn't heat up the kitchen too much or have an obnoxiously loud or high-pitched fan.

Does anyone have experience or a recommendation?


[edit: corrected model number of Wolf oven]

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this weekend.  From her description, controlling oven temperatures is a real problem.  The best I could suggest was that she have the thermostat checked.  She didn't say which model she has but she's really disappointed about having shelled out that much money for something that doesn't work as promised.