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Strongbow honey apple cider and apple bread

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Strongbow honey apple cider and apple bread

HI Fresh loafers!!!

It  has been AGESSSSSSS since my last post. I have been baking of coz and practicing what ive learnt in the state. I can finally getting comfortable baking at home. But since the temp and my laziness to my sourdough feeding my fermentation time isnt anywhere close to accurate at all.

For this bread its simple:

40& Liquid Levain (100% hydration, half strongbow and half water) I let it ferment in my room temp for 8-9 hours (sweet smell and taste sweet as well)

70% hydration (half strongbow and half water)

25% WW flour (didnt use special flour as its would be covered by the apple taste)

75% White bread flour

2.8% salt

25% dried apple (rehydrated till its soften and moist)


Roughly mix the dough by hand transfer to an oiled container

3 fold : 40 mins each add apple at the first fold

let it ferment for another hour

divide, pre-shape and rest for 20-30mins

Final shape and proof in the fridge for 6 hours.

remove from fridge and proof at room temp for another 2 hours.

Hit the oven and bake with a dutch oven.

20min covered and 25min uncovered.




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This is a very good to have on its own, accompany with soup or even spread with honey ^^ Bon Appetite



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Looks very festive! I hope I could also make a bread with apples soon...

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Yes its very tasty, a bit sweet from strongbow cider and a bit sour from levain. they accompany each other perfectly.

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made for the Fall, the holidays or any other time :-)  Can't help but like this one.  Glad to see you posting again

Happy baking CeciC.. 

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This bread is really perfect for this apple season. You should try it soon. havent been positing for a long time but ive read a lot on your bread, salad and all the beautiful desert. How do you prepare your pizza base? mine doesnt stretch very well. any hints?

Happy baking!!


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not extensible and too elastic.  I like about 68-70% hydration and AP flour rather than bread flour.  Too much gluten just gets in the way.  I put a small amount, 10 g of olive oil,i n the mix too ig there isn't any in the minced sun dried tomatoes.  Letting it rest in the fridge for 24 hours and letting it rest while working it if it gets elastic is also a must.  I usually stretch it out in two sessions about 5 minutes apart. if it is too elastic.

Happy Pizza Making

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Hi CeciC,

These are some lovely boules.  I decided to check out a bunch of your past blog entries and there's an awful lot of nice work out there.  Congratulations on some fine creations.


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Thanks for your good words my creation is nothing compare to ur professIona's touch! 

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That looks like a really nice loaf, and a great use for autumns apples, I will be trying to make that!! for sure!

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It's a bread to die for. If u use fresh apple make sure u adj the hydration generously