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a new life

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a new life

Hello, my fellow TFL'ers

It has been one heck of a ride, since June of this year. I have finally taken the leap... I quit my job in June 2015, in search of a Bakery related job. A 14 year desk job, and a dwindling Money exchange establishment has left me in despair for years. I have always sought solitude in baking bread, perhaps in an effort to relieve myself of the stress of a corporate desk job that has given me nothing but disappointment during the last couple of years.

So, it has come to pass that i'm now finally free. Free of the rut, that i admittedly was partly responsible for. Free of a career that has lead me to a dead end (i didn't particularly like it, in the first place!) The journey to realizing my dream of owning an Artisan bakery has not been a smooth sail. Not by a long shot. The worry and anguish still grips me from time to time. But, i'm slowly but steadily outgrowing my fears. one loaf at a time. 

Currently, i'm working for a friend that owns a Crepe shop. He is quite a passionate home baker, and seeks to turn his creperie into a sourdough Bakery. We are working together to get this project off the ground, so stay tuned for more news. Till then, i continue to bake for the Arts and Crafts Market, and for another new Market in a Mall at a residential community in Dubai. The bread has a steady following now, and the bread sells like hot cake .. in most cases. My production has increased to about 50 loaves for the Markets. I'm quite happy that i was able to produce this quantity from my small kitchen. 

I will keep everyone posted of further developments of the Bakery project.

PS. for those of you who wish to follow my Bakery adventure, please follow me on the following social networks:

Instagram:  Mebake33


I'll leave you with some recent pictures of the Market, and the bread:

14Kg. Sourdough Rye with seeds and Old bread soaker


A look at the crumb of Sourdough Rye



Country White Sourdough

Bless you all,

Bake, Believe.



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Congratulations on this courageous leap. I have seen your progress over the years and truly admired your abilities. I can utter numerous platitudes but I think you already understand- Bake. Believe. All I would add is remember to take moments to feel joy and gratitude for the beauty around us and bake delicious fun.

Thank you for the links and I will continue to follow.

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I will, my friend. Thank you for the warm and kind words. 



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I will, my friend. Thank you for the warm and kind words. 



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One bit of advice based on my background as an entrepreneur and small business advisor - there are significant differences between doing something as a full-time career and as a part-time hobby that provides some income. As a fairly strong generalization, it's better to know which of these applies to you. While there are exceptions, the success rate for people who hope their hobby will evolve into a career is far lower than for people who plan how to make this happen.

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Thanks, man

I'm all into full time career, and I'm fully aware that it is more hard work and planning than a mere hobby. 

Best regards

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I wish you success in this new path of yours and if you're happy with it I'm sure it will come to you!

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Thanks! i like your expression " will come to you" . so true.

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mountain and now it is mostly smooth downhill sailing from here.  Love that rye bread inside and out. Good luck with the venture and .  Lucy and i will have to bake one of those rye breads in a pan in your honor. 

Bake happy forever.Khalid

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Thanks, dear DA

True, it feels like it's been forever to me too. But, there are more mountains to climb from here, don't you think? :)

I'm eager to see more of Lucy's creations ;) and why don't you cuddle her for me, now..?!

best regards

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Now we know why we've not seen or heard much from you recently.  How good it is to hear that your absence has been for positive reasons.  Best wishes for your new endeavor.  I hope it brings you joy as well as a living.


P.S. While the breads are indeed lovely, your sales associate outshines them all!

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Thanks for the warm wishes, my friend. How wonderful it is to be surrounded once more by this generous community, who not only give guidance and inspiration, but encouragement as well.

Yeah, my daughter was quite helpful to me on that day, and.. distracting at times :)

Cheers, Paul




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Congratulations and very, very Best Wishes on your new career! Along with many other TFL members, we are so proud of you. Ever determined, imaginative, skilled and with the most positive and supportive attitude, you are a shining star among us.

Dare to dream - sometimes they come true...


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Thanks Cathy for the wishes, and the kind words! I owe this community so much gratitute; it is here were i began my learning journey, and received my first tutoring.. before ever holding a bread book or biting on a crusty sourdough.

Thanks, and best wishes to you



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Hi, Khalid.

It is so nice to hear from you and to learn that your dreams are closer to realization. I have no doubt that, with your persistence and high standards, you will succeed. I will follow your journey with great interest and pleasure.

Your breads are beautiful and show the consistency of appearance that professional bakers say is a significant difference between an amateur and a professional. I hope your clientele appreciate the exceptional breads you offer them.

(I just showed Susan the photos of your breads, and she offered what I think, to her mind, is very high praise: "His breads look just like yours!" I hope you forgive any apparent lack of modesty. Susan's enthusiastic compliment was entirely sincere.)

I wish you good luck in your ventures. I have very positive expectations. As Louis Pasteur said, "Fortune favors the prepared mind." I believe you have prepared yourself well.

Please give my regards to Jamal.


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Thanks, David! 

Well, you were my virtual online mentor, and you still are; i've learned so much from your posts and comments, and still have plenty more to learn. So, yes. Your wife's comment is a praise i really an proud of. She is lucky to have access to exceptional breads at home. Please convey my regards to her.

Best wishes to you, and yours


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Hi Khalid,

My heart leapt with joy to see your 'progress report'.  I am so totally thrilled for you I hope you can feel it too!  I am also extremely proud of you knowing all you have gone through these past years.  Despite everything you have gone forward and your courage is inspiring - truly inspiring.  

As others have said, your loaves look lovely.  Knowing they are baked in you kitchen speaks volumes to the skills you have honed.  As a homebaker who has baked in several home ovens I know only too well the drawbacks to baking in ovens that aren't designed for the task at hand when it comes to timing, temperature and volume especially when baking different types of bread while trying to meet a deadline.  Bravo to you!

I am not sure if you have been following Varda's bread adventures or not but she has taken the plunge too.

Take Care Khalid and Thanks for the update.


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Thanks for the sweet words , Janet. You are so kind, and ever so supportive.

So, Varda taken the plunge you say?! has she left her job? i've checked out her blog and found no update. Perhaps i'd have to track down her comments On TFL; that may lead me to an answer.


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Our Crumb

Been wondering about you Khalid.  Good to hear you're navigating the transition without running aground.  You are one brave man.  Of course, your product looks spectacular, as always.  That Country White Sourdough picture looks like one of Phil/Pips'.  And there can be no greater compliment.

Best of luck.  You've got one impressive international support circle here at TFL.  Just too bad the world is a little too big for us all to drop by and support the business with our cash.  Our best wishes via TFL will just have to do.


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Thanks, Tom! There is more to being brave than one would think. in the transition I'm currently experiencing, i'm changing. As to the resemblance to Phil's pics, that is a compliment I'm much proud of; thank you.

Your encouragement and support is just what i need at this pivotal time of my career. I sincerely appreciate it.

best regards, my friend




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So great to see you are following your dream.  I have no doubt with your skill and determination you will fulfill your dreams and love your work.  We shall all follow your journey rooting you on from the sidelines.

Best of luck and keep us posted.



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Thanks, Ian! I appreciate your kind words.

will sure keep you posted.

best regards,

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what an inspiration!  all the best!

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Thanks, WH

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I've been lurking and reading up on your adventures. So good to see you are doing what you set your heart on. Am in a similar situation (just add +30 years). It's heartening to see you make it and I wish you all the best in your quest!!

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Thank you, Wholly bread! +30 years?! i sure hope you find bread making as therapeutic to you as it was to me.

Kindest wishe,

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Khalid, congratulations on your new adventure! Having followed your threads for years and seeing the passion you've put into your work, I have no doubt that you will be successful. Please keep us posted! 

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Thanks, Cranbo! Really appreciate your kind words.  will keep you posted.

best wishes,

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Mini Oven

These six years have gone by so fast with bakes and classes and the Art Market.  Your learning curve has steadily gone forward and upward along with your desire to be baking professionally.  You are ready! 

Go get your dream!   Make it so!      

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Those 6 years felt like a decade to me, but I'm sure you know why. You contributed to my learning experience, with your posts on sourdough, and rye in particular. you've offered advice and troubleshooting assistance to me, and countless other TFL members on starters and bread in general. 

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Mini

best regards! 

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Congratulations, Khalid!  

It's such good news to hear are things are planning out for you.  Your traveling in the right direction when you let happiness show you the way.

Your loaves look superb!  No wonder, all the effort you've put into perfecting them!

What an adorable little counter clerk!

Happiness to you and yours,



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Thanks, Sylvia! Your Steaming towel technique has helped me produce loaves with exceptional crust, and color. Slashes open up ver nicely too. 

Wishing you all the best, and thank you for the nice words!


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to hear that you were able to take that step to a more meaningful and satisfying career - congratulations, Khalid! Your wonderfully crafted breads really deserve a wider recognition. 

All my best wishes for your new venture, 



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Thank you, Karin for your sincere words, for years of whole grain baking inspiration, and for featuring me in your blog. Best wishes to you too. 


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Hey, looks like I owe an update on my bakery to TFL as well...

Really good to hear (read) from you, Khalid. You and I seem to be in a similar predicament. There's joy & excitement, there's anxiety & hardships, transitioning from hobby to profession. You know, I've been regularly following your Facebook posts. And it feels so... comforting, knowing somebody out there understands the things I'm going through (perhaps in tandem).

Lots of learning to do, lots of obstacles to overcome, indeed, but with support from this community, loving friends and family, we can at least say it's a bit easier. 

Truly, all the best to the both of us! And let's hope one day we visit each other's bakeries. ;)


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Hey! fellow baker, and entrepreneur.. great to hear from you too. It is the path we chose, and the passion we follow, and we'll stick with it to the end. glad to know you're persevering inspite of all odds. Keep up the good work, and continue doing what you're doing: nourishing people with nutritious, wholesome bread and baked products. I really look forward to visiting your bakery someday. You are also welcome to visit us anytime, and i'm sure you'll know when In due time.

Thanks, and the best wishes to us, Varda, Josh, and the others who follow this path.