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XO Loaves

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Edo Bread

XO Loaves

Putting together a college care package.  Top request was wild yeast olive bread like back home. These should do the trick and a fun way to pass on a little message too.


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shortens the distance to home. These will surely be welcome and invite a call to thank you.

What a thoughtful gift.

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Aww. Bread from the heart. Doesn't get any better than that!

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can't be beat and loaves with olives in them are a special treat.    well done and 

Happy baking

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Very nice looking.  Love the message on the loaves!

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Edo Bread

Thanks for all the nice comments. I had really thought since they were being delivered I might get a crumb shot since I would have a camera with me. But, they disappeared very quickly. Highlight was the first bite, smile and words "mmm... tastes like home"