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Ups and Downs of My UK baking

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Ups and Downs of My UK baking

Hello everyone:  I am back in the U.S. after over a month in the UK, where I did quite a bit of baking, but have really spotty internet, so I wasn't able to post very much or keep up on your wonderful bakes.  Lots of catching up to do!

The good news is I think I am getting somewhere with David's Italian baguettes.  The bad news is, I had so many baking mishaps I felt like a hapless beginner again.  You name it, it happened during this trip:

--Overproofing as I wanted the bread to fit my schedule, not the over way around!

--Dough sticking to banneton (crooked loaf, see below)

--I added balsamic vinegar, rather than olive oil (grabbed the wrong bottle.  While the dough smelled great, it did not rise during the bake.)

--Didn't bring the oven up to temperature (I set it about half the temperature I was supposed to have set it at and didn't notice as I using a covered baker.  When I took the lid off, I couldn't figure out why the dough was so white, until I checked the oven temp!)

--Flat as a pancake bakes

I felt like I forgot everything I had learned!  I did have some good bakes (like the baguettes above), which were mostly given away to family and friends. The bad bakes ended up in the dumpster!

You can see the crooked loaf above.  It sort of took a right turn when it stuck to the banneton.

I made a version of the rosemary and cream cheese loaves and these were appreciated by family and friends.

I made both the French and Italian baguettes multiple times, and family and friends seemed to enjoy them.  I was able to find some semolina, and it worked well. Sorry I don't have any crumb shots, as most loaves were given away.

We did some sightseeing and traveled to Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey is filmed.  My husband, sister, niece and UK friend went to the castle, as all of us are big Downton fans.  The butler took our tickets, and he was very gracious. That's me in the garden there below, and the castle at left.

While in Liverpool, we attended part of the International Beatles Convention and attended a question and answer sessions with Donovan, Pattie Boyd (first wife of George Harrison and also was married to Eric Clapton) and Peter Asher of Peter and Gordon and a producer at Apple.  Very interesting speakers. Donovan was a real hoot! Below is a view of Liverpool we enjoyed quite a bit.

Now that I am back in California, I will have to get back to baking some new things.  I feel a need to experiment and try some new things, but I sure hope I don't have as many failures!  Looking forward to spending some time on TFL and catching up with all of your impressive bakes.  Best,  Phyllis 


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With castles and Apples, Donovan and Beatles who could pick a favorite?  Sounds like a very fine trip all the way around.  Glad your back safe and sound.  Well done and happy baking  Phyllis

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It was a great trip.  We had more rain than in England we have experienced in California (and, I am sure, Arizona) for a very long time.  Walking around London, we got really soaked!  My husband is English, so he misses the rain and enjoyed it more than me, I'd say.  Best,  Phyllis

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Edo Bread

Nice to see you back, always enjoy your posts. I had a loaf stick to the banneton recently too, kinda ruins the moment. Looks like you had a nice recovery though.

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I had a few sticky moments in the UK.  I think I just let the dough go too long as we were busy with family and friends. I also made the flatbreads, as one of our friends really loves them.  Just didn't take any photos!  Thanks for the comments.  Best,  Phyllis

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Those are nice looking loaves of bread! Nice photos from your trip too! 

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I didn't take photos of the ones that got tossed!  Thanks for your comments.  Best, Phyllis