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Hair net

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Janet Yang

Hair net

What do you use to prevent hair from contaminating food and prep surfaces? My hair is not long enough to pull into a ponytail, so I've been wearing one of those freebie caps with a bill. Should I go with the "cafeteria lady" look (although I haven't seen hair nets for sale years)?


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Hi Janet, I have long hair and I am fanatical about keeping surfaces and food free from the stray hairs. I wear a hair net that I get from a local restaurant supply store. Here are the things I do that seem to help - I pull my hair back into low pony and also wear a band to keep it tight and away from my face and off my neck, then wear the net over that. I also keep the kitchen brightly lighted so I can see any debris and I keep lint rollers on hand next to the coffee maker...I always start baking with hair up and away, a clean shirt and lint rolled. It seems to work, I have never had a complaint about hair in the food. 

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They still sell hairnets in the hair accessories aisle at the drugstore and supermarket...that's where I get mine. And they are cheap! Usually 3 for about $1.50.

 I too am scrupulous about keeping my hair out of the way when I'm baking; I am getting menopausal balding so have a short haircut, but my hair still wants to leave me. And I like to keep things clean.

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I shave my head every morning, seems to work.  In the seventies we use to wear paper hats, then we had ball caps made with our logo and then we finally went to hair nets in the nineties.  It really is the best solution in a commercial setting as they are cooler than a hat, they don't start to smell from sweat as they are replaced daily and they offer the best protection for keeping hair out of food.  We buy the ones that are made of a white mesh this makes it obvious that they are being worn.  There was some resistance when we first started using them but soon it became the norm and the vanity concerns seemed to disappear.


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Jane Dough

I keep my kids entertained with my selection of head coverings (Planet Buff is an example). I have a few and they wash and wear very well. The scarves are tubular and stretchy and can cover your hair completely. The down side is the cost.  I see same type of thing at craft fairs and organic stalls.  

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Trevor J Wilson

Long hair or short, a bandana works wonders. Though my hair has long since departed, it works great to keep sweat at bay when working in a hot bakery. And it's far more stylish than a hair net. Doesn't quite work for the beard though