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Im new here.

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Im new here.

Hello! Im new here.

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Looking forward to your postings. 


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What part of the world are you in? What do you like to bake? What do you want help with? what do you want to share?

I think you will find this is a very friendly and supportive board and a great way to learn about baking anything bread-even some info on gluten free or baking for special needs.

So tell us about yourself and make good use of the search box. Floyd (our host and founder) has made this a very easy to use site. The hardest thing to get the hang of is the photo upload but once you get that, it seems easy- like any new software.

Take a look at the top bar (it's black and under "The Fresh Loaf" banner)-and says "Home", "Forum", etc. The handbook and video sections have a lot of info for the beginner. And we  ALL started as beginners at some time.

So welcome to The Fresh Loaf. Looking forward to posts,questions and pictures!