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Building a Four Grand-Mère Oven (Bread Stone Ovens)

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Building a Four Grand-Mère Oven (Bread Stone Ovens)

Hello all, I've been a lurker for a long time and am a devotee to all things wild yeast related.  I thought it might be of interest to share that our outdoor living space is finally moving along (after 4 years in the planning/saving stages) and we are very excited to have a Bread Stone Ovens 1400B as the centerpiece of the project.  

We are very excited about the build and even more so that Antoine from Bread Stone Ovens will be helping us with the actual build -- fortunately we are geographically very lucky to be in relative close proximity to him.

I'm including a link to photos of the bigger project (including the build of the oven itself)

Always happy to get tips, feedback, and share recipes/experiences.  Look forward to hearing from folks.

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The Bread Stone...

Turned out great! Everyone on our Facebook loves your outside stone finish


Four Grand Mere Bread Stone Ovens brick oven