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Pan de la grille

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Edo Bread

Pan de la grille

When the weather gets warm it means dinners outside and bread from the grill. While the shapes can change based on the rest of the meal - they are mostly a basic pain au levain,

Part wheat and part rye levain - and then flour, water, salt. After so many loaves I still find the highest pleasure in pulling the most flavor out of those ingredients. A nice long ferment and the right mix of levain makes such a perfectly simple treat. The added flavors of the fire and outdoors is just enough to make the bread of summer a special treat.

I am occasionally tempted to throw in some olives, caramelized onions or other goodies. Sure it is tasty, but in the end hides too much of the wheat flavor I have worked so hard to make the star. I do like some seeds in the crust, as they don't seem to mask the flavors to me. I see breads with so many ingredients they seem a bit more like a complete sandwich than a loaf a bread. I am sure they are tasty and I am not judging them, but like so many things when you pull back until you are dealing with just the essence of what you are creating - there is something a bit more satisfying when it is delicious I think.

As I am reading "In Search of the Perfect Loaf" I think the baguette often takes on that role of only basic ingredients taken to an extreme level of taste, feel, and well, everything people use to judge bread.

I am not sure how many loaves like this have already come off the grill this year, they never make it into the house for a picture. This day there was enough baked to leave an end uneaten.

And as I slowly cool off as the sun sets, tomorrows dough has been cooling in the fridge already for hours the flavors building just waiting for tomorrow's bake. 


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Simple ingredients, fermentation and fire - there is definitely something satisfying about all that. And your bread looks to be as tasty as it is pure. And you've got your timing worked out to your advantage - nice.

Happy summer baking!


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Edo Bread

Hi Cathy - you expressed it perfectly. As fun and delicious as things can be (not just bread) with lots of fancy extras the simplicity seems to touch another part of us.

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Bringing out the most flavor out of the grain: pure, simple and delicious... but difficult! I wish I can do breads of this kind half as good as yours. I don't have an oven or a grill but I keep finding ways to make bread because I love it; some of my ideas can be quite crazy. Here's my best attempt so far...

Happy no-oven baking!

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Edo Bread

That is impressive! I will have to read through all of that again. I think you have a good system going, I am sure you will perfect it. It is easy to forget for those of us with ovens that are great for bread, that not everyone has one. Thanks for the kind words and the link. Good luck and I will be watching your progress.