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Another successful loaf!

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Another successful loaf!

June 6 2015 bake

Recipe based on the Norwich Sourdough from the Wild Yeast Blog.

450g white all purpose flour

60g dark rye

300g Water

182g ~100% hydration starter

11g of salt, dissolved in 50g of water

Water temp is unknown, but room temp was about 25*C

Steps went as followed:

Mix all but the salt, and 50 g of water into a shaggy wet mess. Autolyse for 30 minutes. After that bulk ferment for three hours, with stretch and folds every thirty minutes for two hours, totaling four stretch and folds.


At this point, the dough was shaped and was supposed to be final proofed at room temp for about two hours, but due to it being incredibly warm, it rose *much* faster than I had anticipated, so it went into the fridge at about 5:30 pm, and was baked at about 6:20 pm, with 20 minutes of steam, and 20 without.


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Looks lovely, thanks for the recipe! I've bookedmarked it, I'm determend to try lots of new recipes lol

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Looks good to me...and thanks for sharing the recipe too.