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Recommended way to clean the INSIDES of a used Magic Mill III Plus?

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Recommended way to clean the INSIDES of a used Magic Mill III Plus?

Greetings y'all.

Bread baking newbie here. I found a used Magic Mill III Plus at a thrift store (for $4 !!!) and am taking my first steps into milling wheat into flour. I'm getting new filters for it (from which appears to be all it needs (besides some industrial ear protection equipment) :) . My question is regarding cleaning the INSIDES of a used machine like this. There was a bit of flour dust in the pan, with evidence of weevils. I'm guessing that some could get up inside the machine to residual flour also. Is there a recommended way open it up and blow it out with compressed air or something? I realize that this probably wouldn't kill me, but I prefer the idea of opening it up and cleaning if it is possible. Any insights would be appreciated (or other places to ask this question!) Thank you in advance.

Cheekius Geekus
Alda, Nebraska

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Can you post a photo.  I had a Whispermill, which may have been a similar product.   Probably the best thing to do is to find someone with an air compressor and take the mill outside and use the air compressor to blow high pressure air into the intake  ( I would wear a dust mask, because it will go everywhere ).  To kill the bugs, you may want to try storing it in a plastic bag in the freezer for a while. 

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Thank you for the reply and suggestions.

Post a photo of the mill? It looks like this:


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I would suggest not trying  to take it apart. I have one and did try  taking it apart to clean after years of storage. It is a devil of a time  getting it back together, many small parts to keep track of and hold while aligning. 

Instead grind a cup or two of inexpensive rice which will clean the micronizer. The rest is best done as explained above.

Good luck.




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subfuscpersona use an inexpensive grain (like rice) to clean the mill.

I have done the same thing many times and it really works.

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If you know of someone who services computers (it's one of my other retirement hobbies), it's likely they might have a DataVac duster ( ).  I use mine to get dust out of lots of different items as it delivers a solid stream of forced air to the insides of things.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I had heard of using rice to clean the burrs on coffee/espresso grinders, so it occurred to me that might be worth a try. I believe that and a combination of the brush and compressed air will have to do. Storing it in the freezer for a while is an idea also.

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I just found one at a thrift shop for 2.75. It’s missing the pan, but I have a container it fits in perfectly. I didn’t realize the square in the back was for a filter. Is it necessary? I’ve never seen one of these before, so this is brand new to me. I did clean it out by running some popcorn kernels through it. I don’t even know where to begin with this but am excited to try it out inexpensively. I didn’t realize it was supposed to have the filter until I read this post. 

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My filters disintegrated a few years back and I have been using my MagicMill III plus without and haven't had any problems.  Perhaps a little more dust in the kitchen but not as much dust as cleaning the unit creates.  



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Try this:

It will turn your thrift shop find into something a bit more expensive, but you do need it.

Here's a digital version of the manual:

And you can get filters, a separator cup, and cleaning brush from

I was given an old one and cleaned it up, but don't have a functioning gasket that sits between the grinder and the catch pan - am trying to cobble up something that works. Otherwise I look like I've been in a flour fight and the kitchen needs a top to bottom cleaning when finished.

Enjoy! I love the idea that this is an impact mill because it will make really fine flour.

Gail NK